Thursday, September 13, 2007

art dolls

Art doll one, Hero, was a guardian angel doll challenge for Quilting Arts magazine. Ya'all know who that would be. It was published in the Summer 05 issue. I took organ donation bumper stickers and shrunk them down and transferred them to fabric, for the body. And put his face on using the photo transfer technique.

Doll two, Miss Potts, was a
challenge for Art Doll Quarterly magazine, called Flower Children. She was happy to be published in the Summer 04 issue.
Her face was stamped and painted, and her body was made using the flower pounding (fun!) method. Using flowers from my garden.


Marc said...

Good stuff!

Thanks for the life quilt pic. It made me think of something.

On one of the cityscapes I have that you did years ago (we won't say how many)there is an advertisement for a Uriah Heep concert. I saw them in London in 1978. Ok, now I feel old.

Bran said...

Hey momster .. It was nice for Joe and I being able to see you the other day with Sally .. While looking at your life quilt squares I noticed one that you are missing .. A "Renthead" square ..