Friday, July 30, 2010

random friday

Even with weeding out and getting rid of excess stuff in my studio....I still have a ton of stuff!
Today I am staying focused on the studio and packing up my ever growing stockpile of recipe boxes. I tried keeping them as long as I could because I am always needing something that is stored in them. But DH thinks he needs to help me pack my things and thanks...but no thanks!
I have a system and I pack things differently than he does...I just want to do it myself no matter how long it takes. And it can't take long...the movers will be here on the 13th! Yikes!
The hands on the clocks are just spinning around so quickly!
Have a great weekend!!
You know where I will be.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I started this sign a while back and decided to finish it before the move so it will be ready to hang in our new place. It's painted on an old cabinette door...I love painting on them.

I found the quote on a Curly Girl card and it fits for us as we started our life together in Delaware close to 30 years ago and after living in three other states and 2 countries we have decided that we should return and retire there.

It's ready for packing.

The number painted on the side is our new house number.
Painted in the beachy aqua colors.

Hope you are having a beachy aqua kind of day.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Come on people!
It's July...still summer.
This just kills me....went to the craft store and everything summer is gone and we have to look at Christmas for the next 5 months. Can we do Thanksgiving and Halloween first?
OK ....I've had my little rant.
I feel better now...
...until the next time I have to go back to this store.
Have a great Monday!
Back to the packing grind...have to have it finished by 2:00 on Wednesday.
Having major creativity withdrawal.

Friday, July 23, 2010

back again

I am back from the beach and packing things up in full force.
July sunset...I never tire of these!

...a few minutes earlier.

Fishing pier from Henlopen.

The new house is rolling along.
Siding and brick are on now but I couldn't get the photo to unload.

And this is what my house looks like now!
Oops...bad pic.
It was late....thought my eyes were blurry.
Have a great weekend!
Going to see 42nd Street at the theatre.
(Going to miss the theater here)

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5th

I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July!
Today is the 5th and it is DH and I's 29th anniversary of our first date.
We are just working around the house and doing a little packing.
Here is Miz trusty sidekick, helping me in the studio.

My birdies have taken up a new residence in the back porch area.
Mom bird has been busy stomping down feathers in her new nest.
I am soooo glad they left the nest in the front.

Just a few Monday ramblings here....
I will be back in a week or so...
...have to go and check out my new digs in Delaware.

Friday, July 2, 2010

random friday

bad girl...bad girl!
I really cracked this week....
...not only did I buy fabric on line but I stepped foot in the quilt shop.
Thought I might be safe...
the last time I went in, I walked out empty handed.
Not yesterday!
These giant 8 inch poppies were too much to resist!
A hint of beach teal in the background.
going to be my new lap quilt.
Then this whole section of happiness reached out and screamed to me!
It will be a quilt in guest room number one...
...and it also determined the color that the walls will be.

And last but not least...a couple of watery prints for the sailboat shower curtain.
Happy Friday to all!