Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas & Season's Greetings!

Happy Holidayz to all!

I didn't make this angel. I bought her many years ago at a craft show in upstate New York. Her X eyes make me think of the old cartoons when a character gets knocked out. She is one of my fav's.

I am off to help Santa for a while....I will be back soon.

xo suze


Health update.....the good news is...I am not contagious and I have some kick-butt cough medicine which I plan on taking in a few hours and get a good nights sleep. I woke up coughing last night and my poor muscles are sooo felt like a truck ran over me. It's a virus so it has to run it's course.
Thanks for your know I love hearing from you all.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

still down....

I am still down and out with this bug and can't get to the doctor until tomorrow. Every day I think I am getting better then at night when I lay down I have this awful wheezing and crackling in my throat and it drives me crazy.

Today's angel is brought to you by the letter A. Her name is Abbey Rose. She has a new perm.

Hope all is going well in your world. Stay well and be artful.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

back to work....

The winner of an original Suze angel (from my 400th post drawing) is.....

Congrats Tascha! Your angel will be flying up to Canada today. Check out her website when you get a chance. Her sweet artwork is adorable.

Today's angel is another S. Let's call her Sharon.

I found these mats at the Dollar Tree and I use them under my art projects to protect my work table surface from all the messy inks and paints I use. They are a pretty good size and you get two for a dollar. When one side gets used up, I just flip it over to the other side. They can also be used to make templates.

I succumbed to the crud yesterday and ended up in bed for most of the day with a fever. Feeling a lot better today but have a nasty cough. No bowling for me tonight. And guess who never left my side? My sweet P. She is the sweetest kitty ever! I think she enjoyed the fact that I was able to lounge around with her all day.

think pink....and stay warm

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

quilt 2

Today's angel is Starr.
Many of you are asking how am I able to get all this creative stuff done?? Well........

I have a helper.....NOT! It's very hard to get things done when you have a kitty attached to your hip.

This is the other Grandson quilt. The one that was just scraps on the floor yesterday.
Side one.

Side two. All made from old jeans.
After sewing and washing, it needs a good haircut.

He is into skateboarding, bowling and wants to be a pilot in the Air Force.

My Maryland/Delaware friends will "get this" decoration (the crab)
The sweet little Santa tag was made by Melody. She attached it to the tag she made for the tag swap at My Heart's Fancy. I used the tags to decorate my fireplace mantle but will photograph them and show them off tomorrow.

Have a warm's freezing here today!

Monday, December 15, 2008

h...e..double hockey sticks week!

This is it! The week I must get everything done and wouldn't you know it....I am fighting some sort of chest cold crud. No No No!

Today's Christmas angel is letter R and we will call her Rebecca.

This rather round quilty angel doubles as a pin cushion and can be seen hanging about in The Savage Quilter quilt shop in Oklahoma City.

I like her hair.

Quilt number one was completed yesterday. It's for my Grandson and yes, he likes penguins.

Quilt number two looks like this but will be finished and ready for show and tell tomorrow. And it will look nothing like this.
Now you know why I have not been painting much. Plus I am working on a piece I need to get submitted to a magazine this week. Geez, why do I do this stuff to myself?

...have a great week and may the angels be with you.....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Fridays letter angel

Today's angel is letter I, lets call her Iris. She is wearing a vintage tree patterned dress accessorized with a star and bell.

....she is ready for her close up.....

Tons of things to do today! Including visiting a few of my favorite shops....My Heart's Fancy and Paper Crown to name a couple. Lunch date and bagz to deliver...Oh and pick up DH at the airport. Hope I don't forget that one!

Create something fun this weekend!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

angel of the day

Here is letter S from the Merry Christmas collection. She is into reindeer and music and suffers from wiry hair....ouch!

Feverishly working on those two quilts today...time is a ticking. I managed to get my Christmas cookies baked but they are soooo not going to last until the 25th!

This gal says to have a kickin' Thursday!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas inchies

I received my Christmas inchies from the inchie swap on the Inchie by Inch blog from England.

I thought they looked nice on this bag with a tree on it. Thank you Fiona for hosting this. There is a cute hand drawn one from Australia. Click on the photo to enlarge for closer viewing.

....and how tiny are these letters?...

....maybe this will be the angel you win?....
...maybe....wait and see....

Have a warm Wednesday!

(the wind chill this morning is a chilly 3 degrees)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

400th post & a give away!

Wow, it's my 400th post today. So leave a comment between today and next Tuesday and I will pick a random winner.....and the prize will be one of my Christmas angels.

.... she will look something like this girl here....

I forgot to mention the Messiah concert we went to Sunday night. AWESOME!! Everything was great..the We had what we thought would be good seats in the second row but we couldn't see the chorus until we stood up for the Hallelujah chorus.

There was also ice skating in front of the theater with music, colorful lights and food. It all put us in the holiday mood.

And it is snowing right now! So I am going to go and bake some cookies. Funny how a cold snowy day makes you feel like baking.
My car told me there was possible cool is that?

be playful today!

Monday, December 8, 2008

another monday

Here it is...another Monday...another day closer to the big day and more stress to get everything finished.

I love this and want to add it to my to-do list....what's one more project? They had it on display at The Queen's Ink and it sure looks Tim Holtz to me. Speaking of Tim...he is doing his 12 days of Christmas tags again this year and I believe ...daily give aways. Check it out here.
I really like the old skinny Christmas bulb, need one or two. Where in the heck do you find thoses?

It is also a special Monday. It is my great niece and God-daughter's big 14 Birthday!
Happy Birthday Natty!

Friday, December 5, 2008

friday coffee break

This is my first coffee bag. She also wanted pink flowers.

Inside lining and pockets are three different coffee prints.

...have you grabbbed yourself a cup yet?

Tonight is our Christmas party for DH's work. Sunday we are going to the Messiah concert. I am soooo looking forward to this. I am usually singing the Messiah and now after many years I get to sit down and enjoy others singing it. It is a 120 member chorus with the OKC Philharmonic Orchestra. I get cold chills just thinking about it. Now my Christmas mood will kick in.

Have a great weekend.....and make some fun postage stamps. Maybe for your Christmas cards.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

sunset art

One of the things I love about Oklahoma is...... the beautiful sunsets.

one for beauty......

....and one for texture.
It almost looks like a fire.

We bowled last night on our league and my hubby bowled a 300 game!!! For you non bowlers out there a 300 game is a perfect game...the best you can do. All strikes across the board. It's not his first but it has been a good 20 years since he first had one. We were both very excited.

...a sneak peek at tomorrows new bag

can you guess the theme?
It gets delivered today so tomorrow I can show the whole thing. It was a fun one to make.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

scrap bag

Today's bag was made for a scrapbooker. I heard she was in tears when she received it.....good tears that is.

We had a small earthquake on Monday night. It was around 9 pm and I was in the living room and DH was in the bedroom when we heard a loud bang. He yelled out to see if I was OK and I said yes but what was that noise? I thought it was Harley up in the studio knocking stuff around, but he and Pepper were both in the kitchen freaking out.
It wasn't until yesterday when we heard on the news that we had a small quake.

...hoping you are having a good Wednesday....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

crab bag

Yes, I said crab bag not grab bag.
A new bag made for a Marylander girlfriend. The inside is lined with sand and shell fabric. The shell on the pocket is embroidered.

....a cooked crab and seaweed adorn the back.....

life's a beach! and Maryland blue crabs
...she loved it!

closing with another photo from The Queen's Ink
Have a groovy Tuesday