Thursday, December 4, 2008

sunset art

One of the things I love about Oklahoma is...... the beautiful sunsets.

one for beauty......

....and one for texture.
It almost looks like a fire.

We bowled last night on our league and my hubby bowled a 300 game!!! For you non bowlers out there a 300 game is a perfect game...the best you can do. All strikes across the board. It's not his first but it has been a good 20 years since he first had one. We were both very excited.

...a sneak peek at tomorrows new bag

can you guess the theme?
It gets delivered today so tomorrow I can show the whole thing. It was a fun one to make.
Happy Thursday!


Susan said...

A 300 game! That's great. My all-time high was 197 and that was a fluke. I usually am happy if I break 100. Your sunset pictures are beautiful. How come I can never duplicate those colors in my art? It's just never the same. Take care. Susan

Sandy Mastroni said...

I love the bag you made for Maryland girl
and your comment on my blog was great ... made me laugh
freckles on her dress

Debi said...

Hey, tell Bill that's terrific!!!
That MD bag looked like it was made for me. After the first of the year I want to pay you to make one for me.