Friday, May 29, 2009

chandeliers & shadows

I seem to keep adding stars to my chandelier.
I am still feeling under the weather and think I am starting to feel better. I think tomorrow will tell. I took a very strong cough medicine last night and I am still feeling the effects today and it's almost noon....geez! But, hey, I didn't cough.

Here are some early morning shadow pictures that I snapped in the backyard earlier this week.

These new vines seem to pop up over night...then grow like crazy. It's kind of creepy. I like watching the films of things growing when they speed up the film.

This one was taken down town last weekend.
The eerie sky looks the same.
Love the weather here.
Except for the summer heat.
Don't fall for the "it's a dry heat"
Hot is hot!
Have an artful weekend!
I am going to try...I am having art withdrawal.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Here I am posting number 500! To celebrate, I will be giving away this heart and a package of ephemera. So leave me a comment between now and next Friday and I will randomly choose a winner.

... I'll give you my heart!....

When I first started to blog I didn't know what to expect or how long I would keep it up. I absolutely love it and have met some of the most amazing people.

Here are a few pictures of the new and improved sewing/guest room. I love my sweet little pillow by Sandy.

My funky chest of drawers with a vintage (I grew up with htese things) fruit holder.

More crates and shutters and my Suzi Blu original.

just checking....

Just checking in today. Not feeling well. I started feeling bad Saturday night and from there developed a head cold that is migrating down to a chest cold.....yukky!

It's back to the couch. I will show some photo's of the new work space tomorrow. Have to recover so I can go to the quilt guild meeting and run my errands.
Today is a lovely cool spring day and I am missing it! :(

Have a COOL day!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

saturday fun

Saturday was great. First thing we headed downtown to the Paseo Arts district for their annual arts festival. This guy from IL named Jest was my favorite. Love his display with the altered Barbie dolls. I bought a couple pair of earrings and a necklace from him. Some refer to him as the Barbie doll man. He has been coming here for 13 years.

Then it was off to Crabtown in Bricktown for some birthday crab meat...forget about cake! It was our first time there and we will definitely be back.

After dinner we walked around Bricktown. We absolutely love it down there. Here are some photos of the huge bronze sculptures down by the water. I shot DH in front of one so you can see the scale of these.

I think they are 10 times the size of man.
Notice the sky in the background.

They are depicting the Great Oklahoma land rush.

DH wasn't liking the look of the clouds. I was loving the coolness of the air. It wasn't 10 minutes after we got back to the car that this happened. It hailed like crazy...which is why we left my car at home. We took shelter, along with many others, under the roof at the gas station.
It was the perfect day.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Did you know that Memorial Day was first called Decoration Day and began in 1868 to remember those killed in the Civil War? I have to admit I didn't know that but learned it from reading Dear Abby.

I took this photo in Delaware back in March when I took a trip back to the East Coast. Very old graves are so interesting to me.

Hope you having a safe holiday.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

hApPy b dAy

Today is my birthday. I will celebrate by going to an art festival, practicing my bowling game, and eating some kind of crab.
DH made a cake for me. He wrote "I love you" on it. That made the cake even sweeter. My only wish for my birthday was to share it with my family. It is also my great nephew's birthday and also his fathers. But they are too far it is just the two of us. It will be a good day.
I hope you also have a good day!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday stuff

Here is my green heart all finished up and hanging on the wall. I used the Tim Holtz foilage brads to attach the ribbon.

I also had fun painting and collaging these paper mache hearts and stars. I added some glitter glue for some sparkle. And sanded them after painting to add some grunge.
Have a safe holiday weekend.

my favorite quote

Thursday, May 21, 2009

paper art

Yesterday I was working with tissue paper and paper napkins.

I separated the three layers of the pink napkin and used the second (faded layer) to cover the S. Then I applied the rose cut from a different napkin and finally to soften the look I put another layer of the lighter napkin on top of the rose.

On this paper mache heart I used the top layer of the napkin with the vivid pink color. This was applied on top of a coat of gesso. I also put the napkin on another heart and skipped the gesso and the color came out deep and rich. It was my favorite. I love the texture. The over lapping of the napkin creates this.

This heart was made to match the color I just painted in my guest room. It is sitting on top of the tissue paper I used. I wasn't sure at first if I wanted the brown iris on it. But I did and I randomly placed them to balance it out.
That's the beauty of working with the tissue paper, just tear out the part you want and slap it on.
I will show the finished piece on the wall tomorrow.

The bottom darker heart is my favorite. Next week I will be approaching my 500th post and will be giving one of these hearts away.
Hope you have a heart day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

happy hump day

It's already the middle of the week...time is flying by. I need to get the room finished up today, but first I just had to share my kitties with you.

Here is Harley waiting patiently to see the hummers.

....and here is Miz P watching and wanting that bird.

Have a great rest of the week.

Monday, May 18, 2009

in awe!

Saturday we ventured off to the theatre and saw the Lion King. I don't know how he did it, but DH got front row center seats. I remember when the tickets went on sale and he went down town at 7:30 AM and the lines were already down the street and around the corner. People slept in sleeping bags!

Well, he couldn't even try to get tickets because he forgot to take money for parking. And I gave up....but he went on line and got the best tickets.
This play blew me away! I recommend it to everyone. It drained me emotionally and it took close to two hours to get myself back to normal...well, normal for me.
AWESOME doesn't even come close to describing this play...the music, the costumes, the dancing, sets, all of it.
Then we went to the Cattlemen's for the best steak. It was the best weekend! Hope yours was too.

Friday, May 15, 2009

heart art

Here I go again with Michael's, but I found these paper mache hearts that are far too much fun to play with.

I made this one for a friend's birthday.
I am tired of waiting for people to come and visit us so this week I am going to re do the guest room (wasted space) and turn it into a guest/sewing room. I started to paint it yesterday...a shade of green but today it looks far more yellow. Not sure what to do now, but it really brightens up the room.
...have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

kiss the sky

Remember the Jimi Hendrix song, Purple Haze? And he sings "excuse me while I kiss the sky"...well my daughter always thought he was singing "excuse me while I kiss this guy". speaking of skies....we had very angry ones last night. DH and I actually saw a tornado form on television. They touched down in Oklahoma but were farther up North.

I have never seen so many different types of cloud formations as they have here in OK. It was quite a light show with lightning all across the skies for hours.

More sky art here. This is the view from my studio....

....and this is one of Tascha's latest paintings.
Right away I thought, has she been in my studio? This is my view.
I just adore her artwork. She usually makes cute little paintings of girls with their kitties and some Frieda paintings and now and then she throws in some fun your assignment today, should you decide to accept to check out Tascha's art.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dallas trip

This is the view of the lobby from the floor our room was on. At around 12:30 AM Friday night we were in a deep sleep and a blaring alarm went off and told us to evacuate and not use the elevators. We were on the 7th floor. It turned out to be a false fire alarm. But we were under a tornado watch and that was the first thing I thought of when I woke up.

"veggies on parade"
We found a wonderful store called Central Market. And they carried my favorite brand of pretzels and potato chips that are from the East coast and we cannot find in OK. Yippee!

These colorful veggies reminded me of an artist's palette. The whole store had a very European feel to it. That is my big beef with Oklahoma...the grocery stores. They don't have good ones. Everyone here gets their groceries at Walmart.

"It's all fun and games until someone loses a claw"

.....a night view ....

....and the view from our room....

....and that's all for now.

Monday, May 11, 2009

weekend update

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend. It is hard for me being so far away from my family, so we packed up and headed to Dallas for the weekend. We saw RENT with the original Mark and Roger. Had second row was the BEST!!! guess what my sweet DH got me for Mother's day?

...a new bike! And it's pink!!
and it has flowers all over it

The Longaberger bike basket was given to me by my BFF for my birthday a couple years ago. I can't wait to try it out but guess what? It's still freakin' raining here!!!!
I should have asked for a BOAT!

Friday, May 8, 2009

happy mom's day

Since I don't post on the weekends....I am sending out early wishes to all for a HAppy Mother's Day!
....sending you flowers....

....and some yummy cakes!

My Grandsons....
....I sure miss them.
Happy Mom's Day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

tissue anyone?

I have lost count of the daze of rain. But it's another dreary day here. The sun graced us with it's presence last evening and I ran out and planted some flowers and DH washed our cars. It is supposed to make another appearance later today....we'll see.

I bought this plastic tissue box at the dollar store for 50 cents. Then I made it my own, covering it with (recycled) strips of paper from the scraps from making other art.

It's the perfect addition to my studio.

I must be a scrappy girl because I find this very colorful and attractive and I also love making scrappy quilts.
...wishing you a scrappy day!