Wednesday, May 6, 2009

more of the wet stuff.....

Yep, still raining. Don't know if I should make some art or build an ark.

But since we are discussing is some grandson art. He created this beautiful skull in school. I had to show it off.

Do you believe this guy? His sign says "why lie? Need money for cigs and beer." He thought it was funny that I snapped this photo....and no I didn't contribute to his cause.

I bought a new hummer feeder yesterday and the first thing I saw this morning when I got up was not one but two hummers. A male and a female. Were they out there waiting for me all this time? I took a picture but the birds are so tiny they just look like a speck. Also, my Eastern Phoebe's have returned to their nest on the porch for season three.

That's all from this messy artist.....have a good art day!


KeKe said...

Well, at least he's honest!! lol

Thats a cute skull your grandson made.

it's been rianign here for days too~

Susan said...

Very cute skull. Talent runs in the family.

I really have mixed emotions about the sign. Hmmm.

Rain here also, day four.

Take care, Susan