Thursday, May 7, 2009

tissue anyone?

I have lost count of the daze of rain. But it's another dreary day here. The sun graced us with it's presence last evening and I ran out and planted some flowers and DH washed our cars. It is supposed to make another appearance later today....we'll see.

I bought this plastic tissue box at the dollar store for 50 cents. Then I made it my own, covering it with (recycled) strips of paper from the scraps from making other art.

It's the perfect addition to my studio.

I must be a scrappy girl because I find this very colorful and attractive and I also love making scrappy quilts.
...wishing you a scrappy day!


Crafty Gal Linda said...

Very cute! Just to let you won my drawing. Congrats! I just need you to email me your address and color preference for the dord for the domino. I have white or black cording. You can email me at with the info. :)

City.Girl.Em said...

Suze, this is great! I really like it. What a nice way to add an artsy decorative element to your studio.

Jacky said...

I must be scraphappy too because I love your tissue box!!! Bright and cheery.

suze said...

Thanks all! I hope no one thought I said to have a crappy day. The S on scrappy was pink and kind of blended in with the background. But you know I would never wish y'all a crappy day.