Wednesday, June 30, 2010

bee happy!

I have a nice bunch of bee balm growing in my backyard...
...complete with bees.

But I don't remember planting least not this year.
At first I thought it was catnip because the leaves looked the same.
But then the flowers bloomed!
When I worked as a floral designer we dried these and used them in arrangements.
I made a few more sailboats last night for the shower curtain...
I have 24 blocks now and think it's time to start putting them together.
I am mixing them with sky and water fabrics (from my stash).
I told DH this is why you buy certain fabrics when you see them and add them to your stash. If I needed to go out and search for these fabric's now because I need them, I would be hosed. But I have a good selection and I plan to throw in a little sand here and there for some contrast.
I didn't leave the house yesterday but I ordered some fabric on line...I cracked!
Heck! I haven't been out for days and I'm breaking out today and I'm having lunch with my friends!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Would love to be out on the water today...
...I miss having a boat.
So I guess these will have to do for now.

I stayed up past midnight ....
I couldn't stop making these.
I kept" just one more-ing" myself.
Guess what I am doing today?
Yep...sailing on...
...making more.

Monday, June 28, 2010

monday madness

It felt good to play yesterday.

I have been reading a bit on creating with canvas...

...and mine is packed up.

But I found this course fabric in the closet and decided to print some for future use.

Using acrylic paints and a stamp. old paper stencil helped.

Today I am planning a fleet of sailboats.

Oh yeah...and I am sporting my fabulous new foot wear!
Bandaid on my bad foot was from cortizone shot.
Yep, the cast is on the good foot...well it was the good one.
Hope you are having a good one!

Friday, June 25, 2010

random friday

I'm back!
And no I wasn't fishing...
I was in El Paso bowling in the National tournament with my daughter.
We had a great time...not sure about the bowling this year.
It was a tough shot and I bowled 11 games with a torn achilles tendon.
I didn't know it was torn until I returned home and went to the doctor.
Thought it was my bone spur.
Now I am in a soft cast for the next six weeks.
DH came along and we drove to El Paso.

The desert was HOT!!!

We saw thousands of these.

And some pretty mountains.
Glad to be back home!
Sewing this weekend.
Have an artful weekend!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

something fishy....

Gone fishing... back soon!

Click on my fish to see him up close.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Here is my first finished block for my sailboat shower curtain.
These are fun to make once you get the order of sewing figured out.
It's not paper's a Jan Mullins pattern.
I love her's all me.
When I get all of the blocks finished I will attach little red flags on the top of each mast.
We have some sun today!
Need to dry out the lawn so we can get it mowed.
Have a great day!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

stormy monday

Ever hear of a dangerous rain storm?
We are having one today in Oklahoma.
This river is flowing through my backyard...
...and it is getting closer and closer to my patio.
I am feeling bad...I am supposed to be going to a friend of mine husbands funeral and I chickened out because of the weather. The airport is closed and they are telling people to stay home.
I have never seen rain like this before. Woke up very early with the thunder and lightning
and normally I would enjoy this but not today.
On a happier note I want to wish my sister and her husband a very Happy Anniversary! 51 years! Way to go!
And Happy Flag day!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

random friday on sunday

I did it again...
....skipped my Friday post.
Just so darn busy right now.

Here is a fabric tip for you.
It makes great packing material!
(Pun intended.)

All those selveges had to be packed up I used them to wrap the more delicate things.
Then I started to use all of the loose fabric to pack with instead of just packing it alone.
I am in the studio...
listening to Broadway.
The Tony Awards are on tonight!
My second favorite award show after the Oscars.
Another crazy week is in the works for me.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

nature day

The babies are flying!
Here they are all lined up and ready to go.
Does anyone know what type of birds these are?
They are black on the back and have sweet faces and a split tail.

It was a little cooler this morning so I was able to work in the yard a bit. It's starting to heat up and it's very humid today. Feels so good to have a day off from packing.... off to lunch and then a little sewing.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I totally missed random friday...I never do that.
The I was going to post random friday on Monday.
That didn't happen either.
Well, I am finally at a breaking point... more ways than one.
That's exactly what I feel like doing nap!
The stager came.
The photographer came.
And today the whole real estate office came!
I am finally at a point where I can break and do a little creative something...YAY!
I have been going full steam ahead for weeks now and it fells good to have some time for my art.
But I packed up all my art stuff.
But not my sewing stuff sewing it is!
And I am making a shower curtain for my new home by the beach.
A sailboat shower curtain.
Really looking forward to it...I had to pull the fabrics from my stash that has not been packed yet.
And I did.
Have a great Tuesday!
(it is Tuesday right?)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

just checking....

Hello all!
Just checking in this morning....'s lunch day with the girlz.
Still packing up a storm.
Things went well with the stager yesterday.
Didn't know we were going to be moving furniture around.
Over all she was pleased with the place...until she stepped foot into the studio.
Why does everyone stand there with the headlights in the eyes look and say WOW!?
She loved my funky bathroom...but of must go.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


When I was growing up, my Mom would hook rugs in the evenings and this one was my favorite.
She used wool strips on burlap using a punch needle.

She incorporated all holidays and seasons in this one...kind of an eye spy type.
I found this packed away while I was weeding out my bins. Sadly the edges are all frayed and coming apart so I took this photo to save the memory.

The stager is coming today to help me with my house. I don't feel that I need one but it's part of the process with the realtor. I know what my problem areas are but not much can be done about it... we'll see.

Have a fabulous Monday!