Tuesday, June 1, 2010


When I was growing up, my Mom would hook rugs in the evenings and this one was my favorite.
She used wool strips on burlap using a punch needle.

She incorporated all holidays and seasons in this one...kind of an eye spy type.
I found this packed away while I was weeding out my bins. Sadly the edges are all frayed and coming apart so I took this photo to save the memory.

The stager is coming today to help me with my house. I don't feel that I need one but it's part of the process with the realtor. I know what my problem areas are but not much can be done about it... we'll see.

Have a fabulous Monday!


Jenny Stevning said...

What a wonderful rug! I love it! A treasure hidden away...
I love the sweet little pumpkin that jumps out on the right edge.

Susan said...

The rug is beautiful. I hope your stager isn't that mean one that is on the HGTV shows, (just kidding). Hope it goes well. Take care.