Wednesday, June 30, 2010

bee happy!

I have a nice bunch of bee balm growing in my backyard...
...complete with bees.

But I don't remember planting least not this year.
At first I thought it was catnip because the leaves looked the same.
But then the flowers bloomed!
When I worked as a floral designer we dried these and used them in arrangements.
I made a few more sailboats last night for the shower curtain...
I have 24 blocks now and think it's time to start putting them together.
I am mixing them with sky and water fabrics (from my stash).
I told DH this is why you buy certain fabrics when you see them and add them to your stash. If I needed to go out and search for these fabric's now because I need them, I would be hosed. But I have a good selection and I plan to throw in a little sand here and there for some contrast.
I didn't leave the house yesterday but I ordered some fabric on line...I cracked!
Heck! I haven't been out for days and I'm breaking out today and I'm having lunch with my friends!
Have a great day!


Jenny Stevning said...

What a curious plant! Love it.

. said...

I planted those one year, forgot about them the next and pulled them all up... two years later they came up(?) and took over my front garden... Butterflies love them and so does hummingbirds. Love the pictures and thats so cute that you got the bee in there too. PS, I like your new header on top.