Friday, June 25, 2010

random friday

I'm back!
And no I wasn't fishing...
I was in El Paso bowling in the National tournament with my daughter.
We had a great time...not sure about the bowling this year.
It was a tough shot and I bowled 11 games with a torn achilles tendon.
I didn't know it was torn until I returned home and went to the doctor.
Thought it was my bone spur.
Now I am in a soft cast for the next six weeks.
DH came along and we drove to El Paso.

The desert was HOT!!!

We saw thousands of these.

And some pretty mountains.
Glad to be back home!
Sewing this weekend.
Have an artful weekend!


Susan said...

Hey there, what a wonderful trip. I haven't been bowling in years. Makes me want to get out my vintage shoes from the 60's (my mom's) and hit the lanes. Really cute picture of the two of you. Rest that leg and enjoy the weekend. xoxo Susan

p.s. don't get me started on those windmills.

priti.lisa said...

You are SOO pretty!
And the windmills are majestic.

Maura said...

Love the pic of you and your sweet offspring. Didn't realize you were bowling too..... how silly of me. Glad you had fun, and oh so sorry about the tear. Not fun..... c u in words! :)


So which one is the mom and which is the daughter? Look like sisters to me!

suze said...

Thanks! You guys are too kind!!