Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I totally missed random friday...I never do that.
The I was going to post random friday on Monday.
That didn't happen either.
Well, I am finally at a breaking point...
...in more ways than one.
That's exactly what I feel like doing ....cat nap!
The stager came.
The photographer came.
And today the whole real estate office came!
I am finally at a point where I can break and do a little creative something...YAY!
I have been going full steam ahead for weeks now and it fells good to have some time for my art.
But I packed up all my art stuff.
But not my sewing stuff ...so sewing it is!
And I am making a shower curtain for my new home by the beach.
A sailboat shower curtain.
Really looking forward to it...I had to pull the fabrics from my stash that has not been packed yet.
And I did.
Have a great Tuesday!
(it is Tuesday right?)

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