Friday, January 30, 2009

a few good laughs

This page from the art journal is total confusion. It all started when I used alcohol inks on the other side of the page and they bled thru. So I put another color on top and then masked the word confusion and put an even darker color on top of that. It's not finished but I am not sure what to do with it right now. It will come to me later.

This photo does not show the intensity of the colors. It is far more vivid that this picture shows.

Today is my BFF's birthday.

Happy Birthday Debi!

I had a picture of a cake here but deleted it so we wouldn't be tempted. Sorry.

Oh, about those laughs. I am still having fun with the photofunia and made this with DH's face. I left it for him this morning with a note.

He laughed out loud!

Poor Mona...she gets no respect. There is an art store in Annapolis with a whole wall devoted to peoples art depicting Mona with such things as a spiky mohawk, curlers in her hair and so on.

Hope you got a chuckle from this anyway and have a great weekend. I am getting out! I have been housebound for a whole week!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

heart shape

Our assignment for our last art journal page last week was to pick a shape and create our page around that shape.

...of course my favorite the heart!

I used the big journal for this page. I tried to take a better photo but in a different light and the whole thing turned out orange. I cut out text in heart shapes and put torn tissue paper that was pink with roses on top of them.

Some of you have asked about the TV photo in yesterday's blog. I have been having some fun playing with Photofunia. You can go here and play too.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Journal day # 28 catching up

First of all.....we are still in the deep freeze. It is almost 11:00 am and the temp is only 13! Brrrr

Now back to the journal business. Misty's prompt for last weekend was to make a piece of art for someone and give it to them.

I made this for my oldest and dearest friend, Debi. The hot fudge sundae is symbolic for us. We started a tradition many years ago and to this day whenever we get together we have a hot fudge sundae.'s all about friendship

...stay tuned for more.....and stay warm.

it's freeeeeezing!

After several days last week of not needing to put a coat on...mother nature is now getting even.

Freezing rain, sleet and some snow. Our state is in a state of emergency but we are faring far. No power outage...yet. Miz P is enjoying watching the birds on the back porch. Actually I think she is more annoyed.

.... some junco's and red finches have arrived for lunch... action shot

every thing is encased in ice

the honeysuckle vine looks like glass

This was taken from my old neighborhood back in's the Potomac river. I miss the days of hopping on our boat and traveling up the river to our favorite crab house...Ah crabs!

Friday, January 23, 2009

favorite artist

Today's art journal prompt is to choose a favorite artist and dedicate the page to them.

I have many-many favorite artist's but I thought it would be fun to pick Suzi Blu and make a page with art like hers. She makes the best whimsical girls. So's to you!

I know I am supposed to write on these pages but sometimes I just cheat and use a stamp that looks like I wrote in it. Sometimes there isn't any room left or the page just looks better without it...or maybe I will come back later when I have something I want to write about.
These journals aren't set in stone, right? It's your journal and you can do what ever you wnat.

Have a weekend filled with whatever makes you happy!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

crayon thursday

Day 22

art journal page

Today is crayon art you know I had to have some pink crayon in there. I colored the background and played around with melting the crayons. Then I got the grater out and put some shavings in. Then to create stripes I picked up some shavings with a strip of masking tape and ironed it down. Fun stuff.

The glitter is also from a crayon left behind by my Grandson. Thanks Kyle!

This page was made from the "leftovers" on to enlarge for a closer look...

I could play with crayons all the doo dah day!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

altered wednesday

Today is alter a photo day.....on Misty's list of art journal pages for this week. Sooooo I.......

....made this page. The prompt was to take a photo of your own and alter it in any way you want. I changed the color of the photo in Photo Impact Pro and matched it up with some ink over top of painted bubble wrap dots.

....and I also made this page for my other journal, using all black and white. I printed the photo's using different settings.

Other news.... I received this award from Hilary at Gold Button Studio. Thanks so much Hilary!
And I was asked to list seven things I love so here they are.(Besides the, ect.)
1. Art...of course
2. Shopping
3. Music
4. Drag racing
5. Flowers
6. Theater
7.Old cars
OK then. If you would like to receive this award, feel free to take it and list your seven things and let me know what they are.
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today's prompt for art journal pages is.....word. Choose a word and create your page around that word. My word for this year is...


...and everyone laughs at my mannequin head so.....I used her.

LAUGHTER...try a little today.

Monday, January 19, 2009

correction & celebration

Today's page corrected....I posted this previously...without the little Scrabble tile. that looks better

this is my favorite page so far

...yesterday we celebrated DH's Birthday

Happy B-Day!

(now we are the same age)

finishing week of color

Well, I am finally up to date on Misty's journal pages. I see something I forgot to add on todays page but since I have already downloaded everything I will go and finish it and repost today's page.

Today is embellishment. I added a library pocket, a tag, a pin and some fancy holes. And one other..... missing thing. PINK page YELLOW page

.....well, a couple yellow pages. The previous page started out like this.

...GREEN page

OK, now I feel better and I really do feel better physically. Thanks for all the well wishes.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

mello yello

Today's art journal page is brought to you by the color......yellow.

....and I AM working on it. But have many things to try to do today. Have to swing by the airport and pick up DH and do some birthday shopping and eat some mexican food at Ted's...YUM!

....another beautiful Oklahoma sunset. This picture does not do it justice. The clouds above were shades of medium to dark blue, then blended into purple and orange. They change so quickly, it's hard to get a good shot.

ArTFuLL wiSheS fOr YoUr WeEkEnD!

Friday, January 16, 2009

friday update

OK...forget about the white page. I am up to date for today with my red page.

......and I needed to come back and tell you to have a wondeful weekend!

Day 16...white

Today's prompt for the week of color is .....WHITE!

Oh...not my favorite color....but I must play along with the other kids...right?

This does not show well on the computer and I need to go back and tweak it a bit. There are several shades of white here but I think I over did it with the gesso. I was blown away by Zorana's white page. It makes mine look even lamer. Oh well, onward to RED! Actually, today's color is red...yesterday was white. Why am I a day behind? And what happened to my green page?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

sweet surprise

Both kitties were at the door this morning with ears flat out. I looked out and about 50 or so yellow finches were on the porch. I braved the freezing temps and put fresh seeds out last night.
I have never seen the yellow finches here in OK, so maybe they were just passing through. It was a nice surprise.

My green journal page is.....pending. I had a headache for most of today so I gave in to it. I still have not been able to shake this cold like thing that I have.

What else can I complain about today?


My view out the front is gone. And going more every day. This house just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Oh well...I knew the day would come.
Enough for now....tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day you glad?

Here is my blue page that gave me problems yesterday.

Today's orange page that was actually yesterdays prompt. It makes me think of pomegranates.Some inks with napkins and gold embossing. Hard to photograph.

What will today's color be?

....hope you aren't singing the blues today.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

blue tuesday

Blue was the color for yesterday's journal page. Here I am a day late and I can't find the scan of the page. So this is a snippet until tomorrow when I can take an actual photo.

I got this cool metal chalkboard crayon.....and guess what I plan to do with it? Yep, it will soon be PINK!
Tomorrow's journal page will be WILD!

Monday, January 12, 2009


I ventured out this past weekend and enjoyed the quilt show downtown. Here are a few snippets of the quilts I liked. It was so good to get out!

... you can click on the photo's to see more detail. know I love the whackier quilts.

...this one is for Sharon.

...traditional? the trashy novels

faeries....for Rella

...a pretty face

...some flowers to brighten your Monday!

Art journal update. I had to rest yesterday to make up for all the running around I did on Saturday. So I will update my journal entries either tonight or tomorrow. Misty has changed gears from self portraits to color. Monochromatic, I believe. This will be fun! Are you joining in?