Monday, January 5, 2009

First Monday

Welcome to the first Monday of the new year. It feels the same as the last but I am hoping to make this year better than the last. I am staying true to my vow to keep an art journal this year. And to help me stick to it, I have joined Misty Mawn in her crusade to create a page a day for the month of January. Misty is a fantastic artist and you can check out her work here and also join in on the fun.

Day 5
My first page is a simple stamped piece because I am still under the weather. I am on my second round of antibiotic's and I managed to get a head cold on top of everything else. Not a good start to the new year. But my pages will get better as I do...hopefully.

Now for the free art papers. Did you know that Lowe's Home improvement centers throw away their outdated wall paper books?

.....they do.....

...but you can leave your name and number and they will call you to come pick them up when they are ready

They gave me 5 books! I had to use a shopping cart to get them to the car. The uses for them are endless. Use them in your journals, cover boxes, collage....endless!

Some even have fabric swatches in them. So next time you are there at Lowe's check it out. I think other stores may do this too. It doesn't hurt to ask...and after all....we are recycling!


zorana said...

Imagine all the things you'll create using pages from those books! That was a great find. I hope you'll feel better today. xo

turquoise cro said...

WowieeeEEEEE! Thanks for the tip!! I'll have to check this out! Get Well! I've had a cold now since the day after Christmas!!! Super Bugs are coming and I'm not ready!!!I was around children the 23rd and Christmas Day and all of them had sniffles, runny noses and a wild croup cough!!! My daughter uses airbourne(sp?),(she is a teacher) I might have to try it!

KV Creative Designs said...

Your Journal entry is beautiful! I too am doing an Art Journal this year and will be sharing on my blog soon. Thanks for the Lowes tip, may fabric stores to the same thing! I have one near me that just leaves outside for people to pick up! Hope you feel better soon!

Happy New Year and Artful Blessings,

P.S. Stop by my blog to help Celebrate my Blogiversary!

RW said...

That is a great tip. I will check out our home decorating shops in my area!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

i hope you start feeling better soon. i love the wallpaper.
xoxo nita

Susan said...

Hope you feel better soon. Great tip on the wallpaper books. Susan