Saturday, January 17, 2009

mello yello

Today's art journal page is brought to you by the color......yellow.

....and I AM working on it. But have many things to try to do today. Have to swing by the airport and pick up DH and do some birthday shopping and eat some mexican food at Ted's...YUM!

....another beautiful Oklahoma sunset. This picture does not do it justice. The clouds above were shades of medium to dark blue, then blended into purple and orange. They change so quickly, it's hard to get a good shot.

ArTFuLL wiSheS fOr YoUr WeEkEnD!


Sharon said...

You are so funny. I want some Ted's too.

Susan said...

I love sunset pictures, but you are right, they change so quickly. Take care. Susan

Jacky said...

Love the glimpse of your yellow journal page...yellow is a nice, cheerful colour .

Busy, busy, busy. Wish I was coming to have some Mexican with you!

Hilary said...

Hey! You have just received an award on my site! :-D I think your blog is wonderful!