Tuesday, January 6, 2009

more journaling......

.....the original party girl....Day 6....Jan 6....
Today is to be a self portrait...I chose an old photo of myself.
I will attempt a more recent self portrait in the near future.

This was my first and only page of last years attempt at an art journal....sad, I know. But I added to it and we will see how much better I can do.

My goal every day is to make my DH laugh, and I am pretty good at it. Laughter is good for your heart and soul.
Have a good laugh today!


Flor Larios Art said...

I really need a good laugh, let's see if it happens...soon.
Hope you have a great laugh too,

tascha said...

Look at you in your sweet little dress!
So cute!
Laughter is so important. I love to laugh :)

KV Creative Designs said...

Wonderful Journal page! Love it!

Artful Blessings,

BlueJude said...

Too cute! Yes, laughter is good medicine. I'm tryin....and thanks for the Lowes tip. Very cool! Happy Wednesday!

Jendy said...

It's never too late to add to a journal! I started a "Book of Me" almost 3 years ago... and still plan to finish it someday! Your page looks great.

Marc said...

Hey there - Happy New Year!
Sorry for not stopping by for a while. Laughter? Oh yeah, a daily dose is definitely required. I got mine when Marce told me that you had asked her if she knew about my...um...infection.

Anyway, they're doing fine.