Friday, January 2, 2009

art journal progress

Did it take a new year to jump start my creative juices to get an art journal going? I guess so.
I turned the inner blank pages to far.

I used my new Tim Holtz masks and inks and stamp pads.
Santa was good to me....he brought new art supplies to play with.

On Monday, I will tell you how to get free art papers!
Meanwhile....have a great weekend!


zorana said...

Happy New Year! I recognize the masks... I use them too. It seems like a great beginning to an altered art journal. Hope to see more soon! xo

Sharon said...

What a great start you have going. Can't wait to see more.
Happy New Year........expect more great starts.

tascha said...

Love what you did with the journal!
Guess what? I got the angel doll today! YAY! She is wonderful! Thank you so much :)

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Suze, I really love what you did with this. I like the colors and the clock. Sending you happy new years wishes..
xoxo Nita <3

turquoise cro said...

Happy New Year! and Happy Journaling too!!! Free art papers???!!! I'll be back! tee hee

Maura said...

Ok, That's lookin' mighty good! XOXOX