Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This is my newest painting and I knew I was holding back on the pretty girls and needed to cut loose and get grungy....so I inked and sanded and....well...take a look.

It's hard for me and I am taking baby steps. Showed it to DH and he stared at it for a while and then started to laugh. He said it looked like something my oldest daughter would do when she was in high school....but he said he liked it. I'm not so sure.

...close up with less light.
He said it was so Goth...well, isn't Halloween just around the corner? Geez! Well, I like her and look out on the next one.
Happy Wednesday :)

birthday wishes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLE!...hard to believe my Grandson is a teenager...
September is a month full of family birthday's. Both Grandson's, daughter, son in law, a couple niece's and throw in a couple of wedding anniversaries....and I am broke. Best wishes to all!

I made this altered book for my niece.
...it has a surprise inside...
happy tuesday wishes!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Happy Monday.....off to a very slow start today. My body is tired and doesn't want to cooperate.
I got this cute metal pot at Anthropologie. 4 is my number.

I think so....but not absolutely sure.
Leave well enough alone?
xo suze

Friday, September 25, 2009

new stuff

...new banner...

...new art work in progress...

...new stamp...
Stampotique has new funky designs.

...same old wish for the weekend!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

feeling crabby

No, it's not PMS...I am having some serious crab withdrawal....
....whilst on vacation in Washington state, I found these two rather rustic crabs in a fun junk shop.
The big red one would look great in my garden.

...a sign in St. Michaels, MD.

...it's true...

But what I really want is a plate full of these in front of me! I really crave and miss them. Oh, sure you can get other types of crab here...king, snow and dungeness....but if you are a true Marylander...only the Maryland blue crab will do. Does that make me a crab snob?
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

hello fall

The storms missed us last night but the cold front didn't. Today is rainy and rather chilly and you'll hear no complaints from me. Except that my car is going to get dirty today.

Just when I thought it was safe and all the recipe boxes at Mike's were gone and Christmas stuff is out...bam! They came out with a new design. You know I had to have it. Polka dots? Love them.

...just a couple more...

Out to lunch with a friend and then back to sewing.
...a perfect sewing day...
...hope your day is perfect too...

Friday, September 18, 2009

friday fun stuff

Can you tell I love my car?
It was time to take her in for her first oil change.

And while that was taking place....I went shopping and found these beautiful cards and envelopes by PaPaYa. I love her designs.

So I allowed myself one piece of each set to play with.
A couple more decorated cans for studio stuff.
(I can't stop!)

...and can you believe it?
Cupcake paint by numbers.

...what's in your trunk?

Have a great weekend...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


No much going on here....need to get my oil changed in the car...blah...blah...

Last night while watching TV I sketched this girl....going to paint her and try a new technique. I hardly ever just sit and watch TV...have to be doing something.

I hope your Wednesday is going well.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

monsters and smiles

I have been enjoying Junker Janes blog with all of her little stuffed monsters. Her dolls were recently featured on the cover of Stufffed magazine, along with a nice article.

I think I need to try my hand at making a few of these cute guys to decorate for Halloween. I wanted to purchase this doll but he sold before I had a chance to snatch him up.

I couldn't find any skull buttons that spoke to me so I made my own using polymer clay. Now I think I need to make some black ones, too.


It increases your face value.

That is my favorite phrase from a favorite movie of mine...Steel Magnolia's.

Monday, September 14, 2009

monday madness

Happy Monday!
Back to work today. I feel like making something messy....just throwing myself into it.

...remember my pretty roses from a week ago?

...they turned into this...
I still see beauty in them.
...and texture...
DH threw them away.

...make time for some art...
...color something...

Friday, September 11, 2009

09 11 09


I love NYC and travel there whenever possible.
I took this picture from the ferry and now it seems so eerie to me. The twin towers in the center almost appear to be invisible and the cloud in the upper right hand corner looks like a dove. Sorry for the poor quality. It may help to click on the photo.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Good morning...only it's already afternoon....
I took these pictures about ten minutes ago in the backyard.

...the sky is gray and cloudy...and wonderful!
...but I see the sun trying to peek through.

...whilst on vacation last week ...
...I bought a little fabric...
...the above is all Tina Givens...
I adore her designs!

...especially these cute dancing ladybugs...
or are they just holding hands? Hands?
anyhow...love them.

...and a few off the wall...
paint by numbers (dating myself)
cute bugs
flames (was searching for this print for a few years)
dog biscuits
and of course a few skulls

Not much art going on today. I made a batch of skull buttons and can show them tomorrow. They are still in the oven.
We have a new king size bed coming and I need to spend today making room and changing things around....art tomorrow? Hope so.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

color & texture

A few more photo's from my vacation to Washington state.
...this huge sunflower was many times the size of my head...

...even the starfish came in many sizes and color...

...gray with a touch of pink...

...I like gray days...
...another view from our place...

...and yes, the water is that beautiful blue!

...lushious green grapes...

...oh yeah...
the familiar site of the spousal containment area at the local quilt shop.
I believe I wore the man out.
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Washington shots

Took a little vacation to Washington state.
Stayed on Whidbey Island.
This is the view from our cabin.
...it is so beautiful there....and cool.
These are some of the fun things I saw there.
Big metal waves.

Huge flowers and plants!
Everything was green and lush.

...look at the person's hand...
...and compare it to the size of those loster tails.
They were ginormous!
And so were the shrimp.

Some fancy footwork on the sidewalks of Seattle.

A great vacation trip!

Speaking of fancy footwork...don't forget...tomorrow night is the start of a brand new So You Think You Can Dance. Can't wait for that!
I am running very late today...getting my bearings back...so...enjoy the rest of TODAY!

Monday, September 7, 2009

back again

I am back.....complete with blue toe nails...
...I was feeling a little artsy...
...and I am having severe art withdrawal.
So today is my studio Sunday on Monday...along with downloading a bazillion photo's from my camera (from my trip) and washing clothes...and new fabric's.

...more about the trip tomorrow...
...Hope you are having a safe Labor day weekend!