Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Washington shots

Took a little vacation to Washington state.
Stayed on Whidbey Island.
This is the view from our cabin.
...it is so beautiful there....and cool.
These are some of the fun things I saw there.
Big metal waves.

Huge flowers and plants!
Everything was green and lush.

...look at the person's hand...
...and compare it to the size of those loster tails.
They were ginormous!
And so were the shrimp.

Some fancy footwork on the sidewalks of Seattle.

A great vacation trip!

Speaking of fancy footwork...don't forget...tomorrow night is the start of a brand new So You Think You Can Dance. Can't wait for that!
I am running very late today...getting my bearings back...so...enjoy the rest of TODAY!


Debbie said...

Glad your back! The pictures turned out great, especially the view from your cabin. :-)

QEI1588 said...

Suze - glad your back and SO glad you had a great time! I appreciate you sharing your pictures so much! Nothing like seeing some of this beautiful country through the eyes of someone who also enjoys beauty! I'm anxious to see what classes you'll be teaching at the Paper Crown!