Monday, September 7, 2009

back again

I am back.....complete with blue toe nails...
...I was feeling a little artsy...
...and I am having severe art withdrawal.
So today is my studio Sunday on Monday...along with downloading a bazillion photo's from my camera (from my trip) and washing clothes...and new fabric's.

...more about the trip tomorrow...
...Hope you are having a safe Labor day weekend!


Susan said...

Welcome back. What are you wearing on your toes??

priti.lisa said...

Glad you're back Suze, I got scared... I want to have you make me a hurry, I've just always wanted one of your bags, and my birthday is coming up in Nov. I just wanted to ask you , would you? Could you (I know you can) ?
In a boat , with a goat? (I've turned into Dr. Suess)
E-mail me Lovie, if you have th time, energy or interest, ok?
No presssure.
xox, Lisa