Friday, October 29, 2010

random friday!

First of all let me apologize for my absence from bloglandia.
Still painting rooms and unpacking if you can believe that.
Throw in some traveling and some family drama ...
...but now I am set to settle back in and post on a regular basis again.
Happy Halloween!
I took this pic this morning with the new Hipstamatic app on my phone.
I need to practice and play with it some more.
Goes to show that everything old is new again.
I've always said newer is not always better.
(In case you are's one of my pumpkin angel dolls.)
Fall has graced us with her colorful palette.

And a spooky shot of the beach at night complete with full moon.

And yes, I know I need to update my profile info now that I am no longer residing in the Heartland. I like it there but I really love being back on the East coast close to my family.
Be safe...
and have a

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

little sewing buddy

I think my little sewing buddy, Pippi, is also having some studio withdrawal. We will be back at the sewing machine real soon. I finally got my car in the garage today! I have some pic's somewhere and when I find them and show them to will realize what a feat it was.

Inch by inch and day by day I am getting there.
I think maybe climbing a mountain would be easier!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

oops! random Friday on Saturday night

These are some pic's of the studio powder room in my old studio...we changed realtors after 4 months and 2 people looking at the house.

The previous realtor liked it and said keep it....not the new guy.

So I am headed back to Oklahoma...

...and paint over my called artwork.

It was fun while I had it.
Moving on...
...time to let it go.
I even painted stuff on the ceiling...
....gonna need a neck rub.
Hoping to catch up with my OK buds while I am there.
I miss you guys!
Thanks to Susan and all of you who are bearing with me while I get myself settled in.
I am sooo out of the blogging loop and will be back real soon.

Friday, October 1, 2010

random friday

I have not forgotten you...
....I have not quit my blog.
I am still sorting things out...
...unpacking and painting.
Little by little it's all starting to come together.
For now I promise to post at least once a week.
Probably on Fridays.
I ate t the Fenwick Crab House and this cute school of fish was painted on my seat. Had to share their funny faces with you.
The studio is starting to shape up and next week I will start posting some photo's.
I am having major art cravings and admit to collaging a few items here and there....and today I am going to a quilt shop. It's been months and I have not bought any fabric!!! Not that i need any but keeps me off the streets.
Have a great Friday!