Saturday, October 9, 2010

oops! random Friday on Saturday night

These are some pic's of the studio powder room in my old studio...we changed realtors after 4 months and 2 people looking at the house.

The previous realtor liked it and said keep it....not the new guy.

So I am headed back to Oklahoma...

...and paint over my called artwork.

It was fun while I had it.
Moving on...
...time to let it go.
I even painted stuff on the ceiling...
....gonna need a neck rub.
Hoping to catch up with my OK buds while I am there.
I miss you guys!
Thanks to Susan and all of you who are bearing with me while I get myself settled in.
I am sooo out of the blogging loop and will be back real soon.

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Susan said...

It's so hard to have to paint over art like that. I'm glad you remembered to take pictures before you painted. I'm sure your new place will be just like a blank canvas. Have fun planning new art!