Thursday, January 15, 2009

sweet surprise

Both kitties were at the door this morning with ears flat out. I looked out and about 50 or so yellow finches were on the porch. I braved the freezing temps and put fresh seeds out last night.
I have never seen the yellow finches here in OK, so maybe they were just passing through. It was a nice surprise.

My green journal page is.....pending. I had a headache for most of today so I gave in to it. I still have not been able to shake this cold like thing that I have.

What else can I complain about today?


My view out the front is gone. And going more every day. This house just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Oh well...I knew the day would come.
Enough for now....tomorrow will be better.


Jendy said...

My birdies too have been happy that I keep filling the feeder. I have also started putting out corn on the cob for the squirrels. They are so fun to watch!
Feel better...

Marc said...

Whoa, back up just a minute. Freezing temps? It was -20F when I left for work this morning. It was so cold that when a flasher ran up to an old lady downtown, he kept his coat closed described himself instead.

Anyway, hope the headache passes and the cold flies south.

I absolutely loved your orange page!

suze said...

Thanks Marc! I guess I used freezing as a figure of speech, but it was in the 20's. (I didn't say it was below freezing)
Thanks for today's laugh.

LadyTulip said...

~~ Oh! Aren't you lucky to have such fine friends visiting You!! ~~

Yes it IS cold -- before I went out to get firewood, I made the Mistake of looking at our thermometer...17 Degrees...YIKES!! And we're on the shore!!

Keep Warm!! And have a good weekend!!