Wednesday, January 21, 2009

altered wednesday

Today is alter a photo day.....on Misty's list of art journal pages for this week. Sooooo I.......

....made this page. The prompt was to take a photo of your own and alter it in any way you want. I changed the color of the photo in Photo Impact Pro and matched it up with some ink over top of painted bubble wrap dots.

....and I also made this page for my other journal, using all black and white. I printed the photo's using different settings.

Other news.... I received this award from Hilary at Gold Button Studio. Thanks so much Hilary!
And I was asked to list seven things I love so here they are.(Besides the, ect.)
1. Art...of course
2. Shopping
3. Music
4. Drag racing
5. Flowers
6. Theater
7.Old cars
OK then. If you would like to receive this award, feel free to take it and list your seven things and let me know what they are.
Happy Wednesday!

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