Monday, June 14, 2010

stormy monday

Ever hear of a dangerous rain storm?
We are having one today in Oklahoma.
This river is flowing through my backyard...
...and it is getting closer and closer to my patio.
I am feeling bad...I am supposed to be going to a friend of mine husbands funeral and I chickened out because of the weather. The airport is closed and they are telling people to stay home.
I have never seen rain like this before. Woke up very early with the thunder and lightning
and normally I would enjoy this but not today.
On a happier note I want to wish my sister and her husband a very Happy Anniversary! 51 years! Way to go!
And Happy Flag day!


Maura said...

You should see the creeks out back of my house! Full to the brim and they are at least 6 foot deep! Not creeping up to my house yet, thanks to the retention pond they feed! EEEKKK!!!

Anonymous said...

that was a nasty storm you all got because it hit us about 830 or so. I was on 495 and the Wilson bridge when it started coming down very heavy.