Sunday, June 13, 2010

random friday on sunday

I did it again...
....skipped my Friday post.
Just so darn busy right now.

Here is a fabric tip for you.
It makes great packing material!
(Pun intended.)

All those selveges had to be packed up I used them to wrap the more delicate things.
Then I started to use all of the loose fabric to pack with instead of just packing it alone.
I am in the studio...
listening to Broadway.
The Tony Awards are on tonight!
My second favorite award show after the Oscars.
Another crazy week is in the works for me.


PRISCILLA MAE et al (Meg Mitchell) said...

First of all, it's great that you are busy. But secondly, I love to look at all my material. It's eye candy for sure. It's a great idea to use it for packing and if it's sent with a gift, that's two surprises for the price of one.

Sharon said...

I just never get tired of seeing your stacks. So beautiful.

Anonymous said...

i love seeing all these colourful, fun fabrics! it makes me feel all tingly and creative inside! hehe

ciao bella
come by and visit me too!

creative carmelina