Friday, May 28, 2010

random friday

I'm in shock....took second place with my little ragged quilt.
Coming in second behind the fabulous Lola Jenkins is an honor.
Lola is going to be on Alex Anderson's show....I'm so happy for her.
I have met Alex twice and she is a real sweetheart.
...and it was on my Mom's birthday.
She is the one who inspired me to sew and make quilts.
And the one I blame for my fabriholic condition.
I have gone almost a month now with no new fabric purchases...yay!
It's off to the Paseo Arts Festival this weekend...'s going to be 90 degrees...ouch!
Have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend!


Rella said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh congratulations!!! I am so happy and proud for you. It's a really fun little quilt. I DO love the selvage side, also, only because it's so different. I am sure NO ONE else did that.

xox Rella

suze said...

The President told us to be creative and think about the back and I remembered that. Maybe that's what gave me the "edge"
Thanks Rella.

Queen Bee said...

Congrats! Your quilt is beautiful!

Debbie said...

congratulations! This is wonderful news and you so deserve it!