Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back again!

And what a welcome I received from Mother Nature and Oklahoma. Yesterday was a complete loss in more ways than one. I survived the wrath of tornadoes...spent some time in my little shelter getting reacquainted with my two cats. A pretty wild day...one friend lost their house.
On a happier note about houses, I went back to the East coast and bought a new home! The above pic is the lot I picked out and the home is going to be built. It is about 10 miles from my favorite beach. This will be our retirement house.
So now I am busy cleaning out the studio and packing up the excess so that we can put the house on the market next week.
Once I get it done I will be able to make some art and most of it will be sewing art....so bear with me.
Meanwhile I took a bunch of interesting photo's and had some fun altering them, so I will show those to you.
Happy Tuesday!


Crafty Gal Linda said...

Congrats on the new home! Have fun packing..yikes. :)

Francy said...

Welcome back! Our weather has been something else the last two weeks. Won't your miss it when your move?

Look forward to seeing pics of your new home.

sue said...

Wow, Congrats!! I lived in Maryland til I was 12, we always went to Ocean City, I live in Colorado now but I miss those east coast beaches so much!! I'm mid 50 now, yikes where did the time go!! :)

Anonymous said...

glad you are back, missed you. i LOVE the sight for your new beach cottage, it looks like such a peaceful spot. a spot you can do lots of art in.....happy for you.

suze said...

Thanks everyone! It's good to be back...except for the weather. More bad stuff expected the next two days. And no, Francy, I will not miss the tornado season.
Franc, I'm going to miss you!

Maura said...

Oh No You Can't Go! Ok, I know you can, but I don't want you to. Wah Wah Wah..... I guess if you'll be happier..... I will miss your sweeet smiles. However, with the blog it won't be quite so unbearable..... XOXOX

oldblackcatboo said...

Glad you are back!!!
And Safe and Sound!
WOW! I love the view you will have from your new home! How exciting!
I'm looking forward to more pics!
Stay Safe! - Cindi

Rella said...

ARE YOU KIDDING??!!! I didn't know this was in the near future for you!! I am so happy for you as I know we share the love of New England. Where?? It's so funny that even after almost 12 years here, I call Connecticut home. I am almost sad to write that at this moment. Funny how tears can come when you least expect it. I can't wait to hear more, my friend.
xoxox Rella

Anonymous said...

What? I knew you always planned to go back but this soon? Really? Thank goodness for this blog and your dedication to it. I MUST know what goes on with you....What is the timetable on this?

Anonymous said...

i will miss you, too............
let's try and get together a whole lot before you go. we can do art, lunches, maybe even a tatoo is in my future...! franc