Thursday, May 27, 2010


It's done...
This is my piece for the President's Challenge.
The only rules for this were that you had to use what you already had on hand.
No purchasing anything new to create.
Anyone that knows me...knows I could make at least 10 full size quilts with what I have in my stash.
These are whack-a-do blocks with one side a floral print and the other is a leaf print.
You can click on the photo to enlarge and see a little closer.
That is the only rhyme or reason here.

The back is all selvages.
DH likes the back better.
Not sure about putting a label on it.
And the edges are a nice frayed finish.
I am into frayed raw edges these days...
...wonder how many people will gasp at that and say it's not finished.
Tonight is the guild meeting...
...I know I won't win anything...but it was a real challenge to me with all that is going on right now with building, packing and trying to sell a house.
And I had fun....made myself do it...and I like it.


Jenny Stevning said...

Whao! mean all the pieces that were cat toys just yesterday are already sewn together?? You work fast!

Jacky said...

Oh my goodness.... I love this Suze (and I'm so into the frayed edges at the moment, looks worn and loved).
I collect selvedges too and love using them in my work. I saw a log cabin quilt that used lost of selvedges...fantastic and probably in years to come (when they become antiques) a real insight into the fabrics and producers of our era.
Good luck at the Guild...of course in my eyes it should is so innovative.

Jacky xox

debbie musick said...

I love this quilt! I am not surprised you won a prize for it. And I like the back very much as well. You are an artist in everything you do!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE your quilt and congrats on
second-you should have been first, though. i went down to paseo on sat., love that festival and all the cool people and stuff. have a fun and artful week-end....franc