Wednesday, December 17, 2008

back to work....

The winner of an original Suze angel (from my 400th post drawing) is.....

Congrats Tascha! Your angel will be flying up to Canada today. Check out her website when you get a chance. Her sweet artwork is adorable.

Today's angel is another S. Let's call her Sharon.

I found these mats at the Dollar Tree and I use them under my art projects to protect my work table surface from all the messy inks and paints I use. They are a pretty good size and you get two for a dollar. When one side gets used up, I just flip it over to the other side. They can also be used to make templates.

I succumbed to the crud yesterday and ended up in bed for most of the day with a fever. Feeling a lot better today but have a nasty cough. No bowling for me tonight. And guess who never left my side? My sweet P. She is the sweetest kitty ever! I think she enjoyed the fact that I was able to lounge around with her all day.

think pink....and stay warm


Sharon said...

Oh yes, let's call her Sharon. That's Norah'S favorite angel. Glad you had such a sweet kitty to lounge with yesterday. I know she loved it.

Sandy Mastroni said...

congrats to TASCHA !!!!
and what a good idea ...
I will look for those placemats !
hope you are feeling better soon

tascha said...

I can not believe how LUCKY I am!!!!!!
YAY!!!! Thank you so much!