Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Monday!!

It's great to be back! We travelled home to Maryland for Thanksgiving and really enjoyed time with the family....and shopping.

I always have to visit Savage Mill when going home. This is my favorite toy store...Queen's Ink.
DH doesn't mind taking me there because they have a wonderful spousal containment area with a big comfy couch. Tons of creative goodies here.

Also at the Mill...And SEW it Goes...conveniently next to Queen"s Ink

Lucy & Ethel's.... another good one

a sweet Maryland pillow
I have great news....As I was catching up on my e-mails, I had one from the Editor of Artful Blogging and they want to feature my blog banner in their Blog Banners We Love section!! I am so excited but trying to figure out how to send them what they need to publish it. I am not really computer smart and the deadline is TODAY! So wish me luck.


Everwild said...

Good luck!

debbie musick said...

I am just reading my daily blogs & I hope you figured it all out. If not, I have a program that might help.
So glad you're back & I love the tour of the stores on your blog.