Friday, December 12, 2008

Fridays letter angel

Today's angel is letter I, lets call her Iris. She is wearing a vintage tree patterned dress accessorized with a star and bell.

....she is ready for her close up.....

Tons of things to do today! Including visiting a few of my favorite shops....My Heart's Fancy and Paper Crown to name a couple. Lunch date and bagz to deliver...Oh and pick up DH at the airport. Hope I don't forget that one!

Create something fun this weekend!


Sharon said...

So dang cute.

Susan said...

Your letter angles are so cute, of course I liked the "s" one best. Don't forget to pick up hubby! Take care.

tascha said...

These angels are so darling! I love the wild wire halo!

BlueJude said...

Loving the angels! And yes, don't forget the DH! (:
I can't get to your email as my puter is a bit wonky that way. email is Just drop a line then I can email you back with my addy. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Mo'a said...

Your Angels are adorable.
Good to create something each day...a smile is always a good creation :) :)
Did you finish your Christmas cookies yet?