Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I started this sign a while back and decided to finish it before the move so it will be ready to hang in our new place. It's painted on an old cabinette door...I love painting on them.

I found the quote on a Curly Girl card and it fits for us as we started our life together in Delaware close to 30 years ago and after living in three other states and 2 countries we have decided that we should return and retire there.

It's ready for packing.

The number painted on the side is our new house number.
Painted in the beachy aqua colors.

Hope you are having a beachy aqua kind of day.


Susan said...

I love beachy aqua days, even here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Very cool sign. It will look awesome, I'm sure.

mAuRa said...

I luv this sign. And the saying is perfect. XOXOX