Friday, July 23, 2010

back again

I am back from the beach and packing things up in full force.
July sunset...I never tire of these!

...a few minutes earlier.

Fishing pier from Henlopen.

The new house is rolling along.
Siding and brick are on now but I couldn't get the photo to unload.

And this is what my house looks like now!
Oops...bad pic.
It was late....thought my eyes were blurry.
Have a great weekend!
Going to see 42nd Street at the theatre.
(Going to miss the theater here)


Sandy Mastroni said...

where are you going ?
write to me ! tell me !
Of course I never go out of my house .... so even if you were in the next state I couldn't drive to see you but I STILL want to know !!!!!!!

Susan said...

Great pictures. Hey, how did I miss the "we're moving" post? Keep us informed, it looks great so far.

debbie said...

So, it is real? You really are flying the coup! I know your heart has been on the east coast always. And I am so happy that you can retire in your little heaven! But also sad. I will watch your blog (as I always do) and think of you everytime I carry my bag.