Friday, July 30, 2010

random friday

Even with weeding out and getting rid of excess stuff in my studio....I still have a ton of stuff!
Today I am staying focused on the studio and packing up my ever growing stockpile of recipe boxes. I tried keeping them as long as I could because I am always needing something that is stored in them. But DH thinks he needs to help me pack my things and thanks...but no thanks!
I have a system and I pack things differently than he does...I just want to do it myself no matter how long it takes. And it can't take long...the movers will be here on the 13th! Yikes!
The hands on the clocks are just spinning around so quickly!
Have a great weekend!!
You know where I will be.


Francy said...

Must really be hard to pack everything away. Will you get to move right into your new studio?

Have a nice week end!

debbie said...

Wow! The 13th? Will your new home be ready for you? I am so thrilled for you! Will you be closer to your family? When is DH retiring? What a grand adventure, but packing up all my stuff is my greatest fear. I am one of those who seems to need it all out in front of me.
Good luck in the packing!

Rella said...

OMG!! You are moving the 13th!! I agree, the only way you will find what you are looking for in the new house is to pack yourself...I so understand.

Good Luck in this wonderful new chapter.

xox Rella

suze said...

Yep, everything is in place for the big move. I will need to get the house set up first then I can get to work on the studio. I am painting every room so it will take a while.
Thanks all!