Monday, July 26, 2010


Come on people!
It's July...still summer.
This just kills me....went to the craft store and everything summer is gone and we have to look at Christmas for the next 5 months. Can we do Thanksgiving and Halloween first?
OK ....I've had my little rant.
I feel better now...
...until the next time I have to go back to this store.
Have a great Monday!
Back to the packing grind...have to have it finished by 2:00 on Wednesday.
Having major creativity withdrawal.


Jenny Stevning said...

Oh! I am right there with you!! I local drug store had Fall and Halloween stuff out! I love all the approaching holidays but they display them toooooo soooooooon. When they finally arrive I am burnt out!
Okay, I will get off my soapbox. :)

. said...

OMG, Im so glad Im not the only one... Its drives me just up the wall with this, its like we cant even enjoy the season we are in at the moment. I saw Halloween stuff in a store since June. And just the other day I had to get a new bathing suit and asked the lady at a store where they were and she told me "Its out of Season stock" Really!!??? I just walked in here and I could swear it was August.

Sharon said...

Are you really really leaving that quick? I can't believe it. Seems like only yesterday that you said you were building a beach house. You won't be out of blogging too long will you? I will miss you.

Sandy..... said...

It seems we as a society are always looking ahead... rushing and asking "What comes next?"... instead of slowing down a little and enjoying the "now".
Christmas?! Seesh... I love it .. but wAAy too early, I agree~

suze said...

Yes I am leaving...I am sad to leave my friends here but I will be close to my family again.
Hopefully I won't be away from my blog for too long.