Friday, December 18, 2009

fabric update

Did I stick to my rule?

And not buy any new fabric until next year?

Are you kidding?

No way.....but I tried really hard.

I bought Christmas fabric at half price... make gift bags.

So I don't feel bad.

I bought a cute new purse at the craft show last weekend.

And I needed a wallet to match.... I made this one.

...a mended heart on the front...

...and initial on the back.

The whole thing before folding it up.


..and inside.

I had fun making the printed text fabric using a rubber stamp and some acrylic paints.

Try sewing something today!

1 comment:

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi suze love your site as am interested in all things you are.
Have all thw books CPSc Art Dols . ATCs, Polmer Cafe do Cindy Leitz Videos for polyclay. love doing them.
See you again soon