Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Sadly no art is being generated at this time...
For the past 7 weeks now I have been suffering with pain in my back and leg. Being new in the area I was going to use the base here for my medical. I called for an appointment and explained that I was experiencing some severe pain and they gave me an appointment 4 weeks out. So finally the day came for my long awaited appointment and I drove an hour to get there only to be told that my appointment was cancelled and someone was supposed to have called me. No one called me and I was near tears and asked if someone could see me. NO! Not today....go to the emergency room. So I asked where it was....we dont have one, you need to go downtown.
I went home and started what I needed to do to see someone sooner off base.
After hours of talking to some pretty nasty people on the phone and some paperwork I finally was set up with a new PCM. A nurse...they couldn't see me for weeks and gave me a 10 minute appt. and she told me she didn't want to be my PCM. I agreed that I needed a real doctor and now I am scheduled to see him in JANUARY!
Today I see a back doc.....but my back is better after a round of steroids. I am supposed to see a knee guy but they said the back doc will take care of it.OK...we'll see.
So I have a fluid accumulation on my knee and I can barely walk at times and can't handle stairs very well and guess where my computer is now? Yep....upstairs.
So bear with me with my sorely neglected blog....hopefully things will get resolved today and I can finish getting this studio set up and start making some art again!!
Have a great day!
It's 28 degrees today!


Susan said...

Ah man, what a bummer. I really do hope you get this taken care of soon. Blessedly the only problems I ever have are sore legs from exercising. I can't even imagine this. Take care and hang in there.

Sharon said...

OH my goodness, I was wondering about you just this weekend. You know how you go for a while and finally realize that yep you haven't heard from this person. So sorry that you are in pain but more sorry that getting the medical attention is so challenging. That stinks! And must be so very frustrating. I will be thinking of you and hoping for a quick recovery from all this nastiness.

artgirlz56 said...

Thanks Susan and Sharon. I was seen today finally and have to have an MRI next week to see if it's a tear. I had a nasty fall in August and they think it may be stemming from that.

LadyTulip said...

Here's wishing you a speedy recovery ~ I know how frustrating it is to wait for med. treatment on base..Just glad you finally got to SEE somebody ~ !! ~ Feel Better ~ !! ~


Rella said...

Are you able to take Motrin IB? That and Motrin PM are what actually worked for my knee (bursitis..fluid..ick) I feel so bad as I know the pain you are in. Poor dear.Are you able to sleep at night?
That is the worst if you have no relief at all. Be firm and throw a hissy fit to get in to see a specialist. Goodness.

xox Rella