Sunday, January 16, 2011

back again!

Hello again from the east coast!
Geez, I've been gone from blogland for so long I have almost forgotten how to post. First of all, let me explain my long absence. My computers hard drive crashed! It's a new computer.....not even a year old yet. The company argued and said it could not happen. ell it did and we had to have a new hard drive sent and then waited for a geek to come out and install it. And yes I lost everything. All my photo's. No I didn't back it up.
Lesson learned. I seem to like to learn things the hard way.
Then there's the bad leg. Found out I have torn my meniscus in my knee and need to have surgery to fix it. I see the surgeon this Thursday.
Then there is the doggone snow.
I can't drive my car in this stuff!

Since I have been housebound and stuck downstairs....I painted some funky walls. I painted my hallway like this. I used some brighter colors then used a brown wash to tone it down. I really love it.

I do have some fabric art I am working on and will share some later on this week.
Have a great weekend!
Golden Globes tonight.


Sharon said...

Welcome back. Sorry about your knee but glad you have a diagnosis and plan. That hall wall is so inspiring. Now I would like to see a larger part of it. And I would like some walls like that too. Stay warm and don't drive in that.

LadyTulip said...

So good to "see" you back ~ ! ~ And it's nice to know now what's been "ailin" you - here's wishing you a speedy surgery & even faster recovery ~ !! ~Oh! ~ your walls are jus' wonderful ~ !! by the way..pleeeze don't try to drive in the snow !!

debbie musick said...

I have missed you! You have hade a rough start this year. I am with you on "learning the hard way!" I now back up everything. I have an external hard drive and also put my photos that are very special on disk. But it took losing a bunch for me to do that!

I also need the knee surgery. But I don't want to do it until I just have to.
We need a doc that will do a 2 for 1! Welcome back to the net!

suze said...

Thanks for your comments, friends! Sharon I will try to get a wider shot of that wall but being in a narrow hallway, it's a real challenge.
Debbie, when you find the 2 for 1 doc, let me know.