Tuesday, February 1, 2011

another month

A new month has started....
And it's a short one.
48 more days until Spring!
Made these stars yesterday.
That is why it takes me so long with the studio.
I am easily side tracked by little projects.
They started out pretty plain.
They are just those brown paper mach'e stars.

I removed the cheesy gold hanging string.
And replaced with gold wire.
I used the dollar bottles of glittery glue sold at Michaels to give them an extra shine. But it doesn't show on these photo's.
I have them hanging around the studio for a bit of pizazz.
Sorry I wasen't able to crop these pic's. Still trying to get used to this new computer and I forgot how to do it. Oh and they are out of order too but lately thats how I am feeling. It will get better!
Happy February First!!


kakon said...

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Anonymous said...

Which means baseball is right around the corner too !!!!