Monday, March 28, 2011

Blah Monday

Where is Spring?

It's cloudy and cold and really affecting my mood. Been working on the studio for as long as my knee will allow.

Then taking breaks and then it's hard to get going again.

Funny how the weather affects your mood. I have much more energy on sunny days even if I don't even go outside.

Sending out sunny vibes!


Rella said...

I so agree.......sunshine, even if only viewing from inside, cheers the spirit. Having so much sunshine here, I have noticed that after so many years, it only takes ONE day of rain or clouds for me to feel almost grumpy!! Just like plants I think we totally need sunshine. Hope your knee feels better with each passing day.

xox Rella

Susan said...

Same here. It even snowed some here today. I need sunshine, even if I just stay inside and enjoy it. It was rainy Saturday and I stayed in bed until noon. Glum to be sure. Hope that knee feels better soon. Take care.

Debbie said...

I know what you mean! A sunny day brightens my mood too. Your drawing is great!

. said...

I so know how you feel, this forever on going cold and last winter days is driving me crazy, it has sucked pretty much all my energy. I thought with finally having some + weather and blue sky would put me back on track, but I feel more tired... Need More Sun!!!