Wednesday, August 24, 2011

weather or not

It seems that I have traded the heat and tornadoes of Oklahoma for earthquakes and hurricanes.
I was in a store yesterday when everything hanging on the wall started to jiggle and clink. I looked up and the aisle signs were swaying back and forth. I looked at the sales clerk and asked her why was everything moving? Then a man ran up another aisle and yelled "what's going on?"

a little beach quilt for August.

So now we are preparing for a possible hit from Irene. They are predicting heavy rains and 100 mph winds.
I was supposed to go to the Oriole's game for my grandson's birthday....we'll see.

StaY SaFe!


HeatherBl├╝ Patschke said...

Weather can be such a bummer! We just escaped a hurricane and are so thankful!

Susan said...

We felt the earthquake in Virginia, but not enough for things to fall off the shelves. It was an experience to be sure.