Tuesday, September 6, 2011

forgotten quilt

I stayed at my nieces house and this quilt was on my bed.
I had forgtten I had made it a few years ago.

 It's a cheery quilt in yummy pink fabric's!

And the backing fabric is where I found my inspiration.

Find some inspiration today and make something fun!


Kathy said...

Oh how pretty! I have always wanted to make a tattered rose quilt! Your colors are beautifully coordinated with the backing print. I would take that on the guest bed any day!!!

Anonymous said...

suze...i've been thinking about you alot lately. awesome quilt!!! miss you... franc

suze said...

Thanks Kathy!

suze said...

Franc! I tried to find you today and heard that you are now working for Hobby Lobby at the offices.
I miss you too. Ill be in town until the 17th.

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Oh my! That would cheer up any room. The pink is a grabber.

suze said...

Thanks Sharon!