Tuesday, January 10, 2012

art bags

Have you seen these purses by Desigual?
I forgot where they are made (not China).

They are a bit pricy and I found one I adored and DH said get it. But for the price I couldn't get enough into it so I passed. But I always stop and look at them when ever I come across them.


Susan said...

With your skills, you could make your own, using the one you like as an inspiration. Might send you in another direction creatively. Adding bits of leather and metal. It's a thought.

. said...

I was going to say, that would be a fun project... Just go to design shops and see if they can sell you their old fabric sample books (I found some for only few dollars, made great accents for my Christmas stockings and other stuff)... And for leather a good old leather belt and some other stuff and boom baby, you will have a great design bag : )

. said...

Oops, I forgot to mention, the bags are made by a Spanish company "Desigual"... I have a bit of a handbag fetish, I dont have any of their nags, but you can find them on Amazon and E-bay

suze said...

Thanks girls...I did have that thought in mind. And I am working on something similar but is a bit on the wilder side.