Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday fun

As I am so busy with doll making and bags and art journals....I took a few minutes this morning to play.
I love the paper that Crate and Barrel wraps your glass items in. Sometimes I will buy a few small glass kitchen things for a couple dollars just to get a big wad of the paper. It's stronger than tissue but not as thick as packing paper.
 I sprayed the paper with spray inks and used stencils for the designs, then stamped over with rubber and clear stamps.

 I also used some Gelato's for extra color
Here I used a heart stamp for negative and positive images.
And topped it off with a cute Suzi Blu stamp.
Nuture Creativity!
And now I have to clear the yard and prepare for Sandy's arrival.
Have a safe and artful weekend!

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Susan said...

Just popping in to say hi and to let you know that I thought of you the entire time I was making my new handbag. Come over and see it when you have a minute. I could never come close to the art bags that you create, but I just wanted to know that you are an inspiration. Thanks and have a great week.