Friday, April 5, 2013

Hello April

Someone needs to let Mother Nature know that it's SPRING! It's been so cold! I hope it warms up soon but not jump into Summer heat. I enjoy the cooler weather.

I can't believe that I missed blogging the whole month of March. I have been feeling bad and have been very busy when I wasn't sick. I have been getting ready for the Art Asylum at Queen's Ink in Savage Mill on the 27th.

Been making journals and rag bagz like crazy....promise to show pictures next week.

Have an artful weekend!

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Susan said...

Hope you are feeling better. Sometimes it's really hard to blog. I'm trying to do something every week, but it's been pretty lame lately. We had snow last week also and I'm ready for spring. I also hope we don't go directly into smoldering hot, but if we do, that's ok also. Take care and hang in there.