Thursday, August 30, 2007

bad news day

Not terribly bad news. I just got my first rejection letter. I applied for an annual, local show that showcases women's art, ect. They wanted edgy, funky and different things and I guess I wasn't funky enough. It's OK. I got my entry in a week before the due date and they get hundreds of entries and only select around forty. So they said to try again next year.

Now, about those altered men I promised for today. They said they weren't ready (or altered enough) to display themselves today. So I said alright you can do it tomorrow.

So today I will tell you why some fabric stores call me the selvage queen. I save all the selvages (for you non sewers out there - the selvage is the edge of the fabric with the writing on it. Usually the company name and name of the fabric line). And some of them are pretty cool.

Then I sew them onto used dryer sheets and make blocks. From there I make little bags like the one in the picture. And purses and I made a vest, which always gets comments when I wear it to a quilt show.


kecia said...

i'm sorry you didn't make it into the show!keep trying for different venues though, maybe you are right that you have to get your application in earlier. shows are taking their black friday applications now, so maybe look into that! (i know a lot of shows around here, the "regulars" - which i am not!) book their spot right after the last show. i'm not that organize, nor do i know what i want to do that far ahead of the game! keep plugging away, you'll get something.

Sharon said...

Heck, I think you are pretty edgy and funky. What do they know?
This selvage bag is so unique. To me, it means you buy lots of fabric. I know these things.

Marc said...

What, not funky enough? They obviously don't know you very well.

Oh, well, onwards and upwards.

Hey, I loved the bowling shoes! Maybe I'll buy a pair and ship them off to you to paint. I don't bowl, but they'd be great for just every day wear.

Thanks for the B-Day card. I don't want to open it, it looks too good. I would take a picture and put it on my blog, but don't want our addresses up on the web.

I hope things are cooling down out there. It was a cool 64F this morning.