Friday, August 31, 2007

Meet Gabe & Adam

Here are two of my new altered men. Gabe has wings and Adam has ribs.

I was in the Dollar Tree and saw these anatomical dolls, with the guts and all inside and thought..hmmmm...what can I do with these? Then I told myself, no, I have enough to do and I don't need to buy anything else and I walked away. THEN, As I was browsing thru blogs, I saw where someone was teaching a class using these very same dolls. So I had to give it a try.

Mine aren't as fancy as the ones advertised for the class but they are my interpretation.

Have a great and safe holiday weekend.



Sharon said...

Oh Dear!
Did you submit this.......
Well you should have

BlueJude said...

I LOVE Gabe and Adam! Now I want to go to the Dollar Store too. OK I am adding you to my blog links (perhaps you can do the same? {:)
BTW my husbands music studio was Pink Crayon. Happy Friday to you.

Marc said...

I like the way you put the sunglasses on the print of you on Marc's envelope.

You are the most creative artist I have ever seen.

I thought Gabe and Adam were very interesting. Keep up the good art!


Liam (typed by Marc)

(when Liam saw the journal, he exclaimed "ooh, funky.")

suze said...

Thanks Liam!!
I am so glad you like my art.
Aunt Susie