Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am sooo running late this week. It's one of those dreaded weeks you have, filled with doctor appointments, dental stuff and taking in the car for a check up. One more day and the rest of the week is all mine! Then I have to finish up orders...but next week is mine?

These are the trades I received in the Artist Trading Cards swap at the Paper Crown.
It amazes me how everyone is so creative but in a different way.

I love them all but this one is a favorite, created by Nancy Knox.
...I think you know why.
I also like the saying.
Next we are making ATC's for Christmas.

Have a great Wednesday!


Sandy Mastroni said...

I like them all but I am liking the BOO card a lot
Who made that one ???

debbie musick said...

I feel so out of touch! Love the cards! I thought the Milk Duds would be yours! Hummm??? Watch your mail--I think there will be something spooky & magical in it this week! EEeeeeekkkk!

suze said...

Sandy,the Boo card was made by Neta Duke. Love the pompoms on her shoes.
Debbie, thank you sooo much for the sweet and spooky package. Those plastic spiders really creeped me out.