Friday, April 9, 2010

random friday

Question of the day.....

What would art be without color?



so thankful for color!!
And I love them all.

Still using the pages from the cookbook.

Here is Harley.
In his favorite spot...
....on my car...

Have a colorful weekend!!


Sharon said...

You are so right about color. Love that ART word!

Susan said...

Oh no, on your car? Too dangerous to try to move him because of the finish, and you can only hope that he jumps up there gently.

I'm a lover of color also, but I am getting the urge to do some monochromatic art.

As long as it makes us happy, then it's art, right?

priti.lisa said...

I think your spool dolls are FanTabUlous! I like the second to from the right the best :)
You are so creative Suze!